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Gold Panning & Metal Detectors

Interested in trying a metal detector???
We have rentals available:
  -Per hour
  -Half day
  -Full day
Metal Detectors, Gold Pans & Sluices:
Gold, money and precious jewelry, they all fit most people's description of "treasure". According to urban legend (some say myth, we don't think so) there are still exciting and valuable treasures to be found both back in the hills and at your local park or beach. Whatever treasure you are seeking, Adventure Hobby Craft has the means to help you find it:


We are a one-stop-shop for the treasure seeker. Our metal detectors (including the world famous Whites Metal Detectors) will help you search for lost and hidden items as well as gold. Our state-of-the-art Gold Magic wheel gold panning system, sluice boxes and other gold panning accessories will help you find natural treasure. If you've got a hankering to see if "there's gold in them thar hills" why not look at what the 21st century has to offer to make your job a little easier!

    Gold Panning Equipment:
  • Metal & Plastic pans (variety of sizes)
  • Sluice boxes - including a selection from Keene Engineering
  • Gold Magic - gold wheel
  • Black sand magnets
  • Glass vials
  • Rock Hammers
  • Snuffer bottles


Gold PanningMetal Detectors
Sluice Box Gold Pans

Gold panning is an enjoyable recreational activity for both young and old. There are several books available with maps and hints as to where you might try your gold panning hand on Vancouver island or go prospecting with your metal detector.

Hunting for buried treasure and precious metals with a metal detector is exciting and surprises are always right around the corner. Who hasn't heard the stories of gold rings, watches and other jewelry being unearthed by a careful treasure seeker with a metal detector. Did you also know you can pinpoint gold nuggets too! There's an art to using a metal detector successfully, come in and see us, we can talk about buried treasure and share stories.

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